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Avril Lavigne lyrics of Let Go album

Let Go - 2002

Losing Grip Ч Complicated Ч Sk8er Boy Ч I'm With You Ч Mobile Ч Unwanted Ч Tomorrow Ч Anything But Ordinary Ч Things I'll Never Say Ч My World Ч Nobody's Fool Ч Too Much To Ask Ч Naked

Avril Lavigne lyrics of Under My Skin album

Under My Skin - 2004

Take Me Away Ч Together Ч Don't Tell Me Ч He Wasn't Ч How Does It Feel Ч My Happy Ending Ч Nobody's Home Ч Forgotten Ч Who Knows Ч Fall To Pieces Ч Freak Out Ч Slipped Away Ч I Always Get What I Want

Avril Lavigne lyrics with no particular album

Other Avril Lavigne Lyrics

Falling Down Ч Get Over It Ч I Don't Give A Damn Ч Knocking On Heaven's Door Ч Temple Of Life Ч Touch The Sky Ч Two Rivers Ч Why

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