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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I can't download any MP3 file!
    Answer: We regularly validate MP3 links to make sure they all are working. Note that some providers or admins block access to MP3 related sites. You might be behind a strict firewall or proxy or it may be a temporary network slowdown, try again later. Please report us only 404 errors (file not found).
  2. I can't save any MP3 file because it starts streaming!
    Answer: Most common cause of streaming is the specific settings in multimedia managers and players like RealPlayer, QuickTime etc. In order to solve the issue try using right click in browser and "Save Target AsЕ" option. Also you might use download managers like GetRight, Reget, DAP or FlashGet to save the file you want.
  3. I found mistypes or incorrect lyrics at your site. What should I do?
    Answer: Please report correct variant to our email. Your contributions are highly appreciated. One of the main goals of the place is to collect 100% accurate lyrics.
  4. I want free MP3s but some of your links point to paid services. Why?
    Answer: Unfortunately it's not an easy deal to maintain servers with multiple free downloads. It's not possible to provide free MP3 for every song. Moreover usually it violates copyright. Paid services allow to get rid off the problems. For example offers high-quality music collection (over 150,000 items), tranfers license fees to respected authors, allows you to download unlimited number of files in insane 320kbps quality only for $0.01 per megabyte ($0.05 per song in average).
  5. comes in non-understandable languageЕ
    Answer: is an international service and it has several language versions. Usually it automatically detects your native language but in case of error you should find and click a link with a word "English" in it.
  6. Can you add some more lyrics and MP3 links?
    Answer: Yes, for sure. We try to upload new content regularly, however tastes differ and the songs and artists we upload might not be the ones you want.
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