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Oasis - D'You Know What I Mean?

Step off the train all alone at dawn
Back into the hole where I was born
The sun in the sky never raised an eye to me
TheЕ on the trax and must be mine
The fool on the hill and I feel fine
Don't look back cos you know what you might see

Look into the wall of my mind's eye
I think I know, but I don't know why
The questions are the answers you might need
Coming in a mess going out in style
I ain't good-looking but I'm someone's child
No-one can give me the air that's mine to breathe

I met my maker
I made him cry
And on my shoulder he asked me why
His people won't fly through the storm
I said "Listen up man, they don't even know you're born"

All my people right here, right now
D'You Know What I Mean?
All my people right here, right now
D'You Know What I Mean?
All my people right here, right now
D'You Know What I Mean?
Yeah, yeah

I don't really care for what you believe
So open up your fist or you won't receive
The thoughts and the words of every man you'll need
Get up off the floor and believe in life
No-one's ever gonna ever ask you twice
Get on the bus and bring it on home to me

Oasis - My Big Mouth

Everybody knows Е but no-one's saying nothing
And it's a sound so very loud Е that no-one can hear
I got something in my shoe Е it's keeping me from walking
Down the long and winding road Е back home to you

Around this town you've ceased to be
That's what you get for sleeping with the enemy
Where angels fly you won't play
So guess who's gonna take the blame for Е

My big mouth, my big name
Who'll put on my shoes while they're walking
Slowly down the hall of fame?
Into my big mouth you could fly a plane
Who'll put on my shoes while they're walking
Slowly down the hall of fame?
Slowly down the hall of fame

I ain't never spoke to God
And I ain't never been to heaven
But you assumed I knew the way
Even though the map was given
And as you look into the eyes
Of aЕ y cold assasin
Only then you'll realize
With who's life you have been messin'

Oasis - Magic Pie

An extraordinary guy
Can never have an ordinary day,
He might live a long goodbye
But that is not for me to say
I dig his friends, I dig his shoes
But he is just a child with nothing to lose
But his mind

They are sleeping while they dream
And then they want to be adored
They who don't say what they mean
Will live and die by their own sword.
I dig their friends, I dig their shoes
But they are like a child with nothing to lose
In their minds, their minds.

But I'll have my way
In my own time
I'll have my say
My star will shine

Cos you see me I got my Magic Pie
Think of me yeah that was me I was that passer by
I've been and now I've gone.

There are but a thousand days preparing for a thousand years
Many minds to educate and people who have disappeared
D'you dig my friends? D'you dig my shoes?
I am like a child with nothing to lose but my mind
My mind

Oasis - Stand By Me

Made a meal and threw it up on Sunday
I've got a lot of things to learn
Said I would and I believe in one day
Before my heart starts to burn.

So whats the matter with you?
Sing me something new Е Don't you know
The cold and wind and rain don't know
They only seem to come and go, away

Times are hard when things have got no meaning
I've found a key upon the floor
Maybe you and I will not believe in the things we find behind the door

Stand By Me -- Nobody knows the way it's gonna be
Stand By Me -- Nobody knows the way it's gonna be
Stand By Me -- Nobody knows the way it's gonna be

If you're leaving will you take me with you
I'm tired of talking on my phone
But there is one thing I can never give you
My heart will never be your home

Oasis - I Hope, I Think, I Know

They're trying hard to put me in my place
And that is why I've gotta keep running
The future is mine and it's no disgrace
Cos in the end the past means nothing

You tell me I'm free then you tie me down
And from my chains I think it's a pity
What did it cost you to wear my crown
You dont like me why don't you admit it

D'you feel a little down today?
Bet you ain't got much to say?
But your gonna miss me when I'm not there
You know I dont care, You know I dont care

As we beg and steal and borrow
Life is hit and miss and this
I Hope, I Think, I Know
And if I hear the names you call
If I stumble catch me when I fall
Cos baby after all, You'll never forget my name

Oasis - TheЕ In The Dirty Shirt

If I may be so bold could I just say something
Come and make me my day
The clouds around your soul don't gather there for nothing
But I can chase them all away

Why d'you need a reason for to feel happy
Or be shining for the rest of the world
Give me just a smile and would you make it snappy
GetЕ togetherЕ

You got a feeling lost inside
It just won't let you go
Your life is sneaking up behind
It just won't let you go
No it just won't let you go
What I'm trying to say Е

Is would you maybe, come dancing me
Cos to me it doesn't matter if your hopes and dreams are shattered
When you say something you make me believe
In theЕ who wears a dirty shirt
She knows exactly what she's worth
Knows exactly what she's worth to me!
That I can see, I can see

If you ever find yourself inside a bubble
You've gotta find your own way home
You can call me anytime you're seeing double
Now you know you're not alone

Oasis - Fade In-Out

Get on the rollercoaster
The fair's in town today
Y'gotta be bad-enough to beat the brave

So get on the helter skelter
Bowl into the fray
Y'gotta be bad-enough to beat the brave

You fade in-out
You fade in-out
Without a doubt
I don't see no shine
Today is just a daydream
Tomorrow we'll be castaway

Coming in-out of nowhere
Singin' rhapsody
Y'gotta be bad-enough to wanna be

Sitting upside a high chair
With the devils refugee
Is gonna be blinded by the light
That follows me

She fade in-out
She fade in-out
Without a doubt
I don't see no shine
Today is just a daydream
Tomorrow she'll be castaway

Oasis - Don't Go Away

Cold and frosty morning there's not a lot to say
About the things caught in my mind
And as the day was dawning my plane flew away
With all the things caught in my mind

I don't wanna be there when you're Е
Coming down
I don't wanna be there when you hit the ground

So dont go away, say what you say
Say that you'll stay
Forever and a day Е In the time of my life
Cos I need more time, yes I need more time
just to make things right

Damn my situation and the games I have to play
With all the things caught in my mind
Damn my education I can't find the words to say
With all the things caught in my mind

Me and you whats going on?
All we seem to know is how to show
The feelings that are wrong

Oasis - Be Here Now

Wash your face in the morning sun
Flash your pen at the song that I'm singing
Touchdown bass living on the run
Make no sweat at the hole that you're digging

Wrap up cold when it's warm outside
Еjokes remind me of Digsy's
Be my magic carpet ride
Fly me down to capital city in the sun

Kicking up a storm from the day that I was born
Sing a song for me one from 'Let It Be'
Open up your eyes get a grip on yourself inside

Oasis - All Around The World

It's a bit early in the midnight hour for me
To go through all the things that I want to be
I don't believe in everything I see
Y'know I'm blind so why d'you disagree

So take me away cos I just dont want to stay
Cos all the lies you make me say
Are getting deeper every day
These are crazy days but they make me shine
Time keeps rolling by

All Around The World, you've gotta spread the word
Tell 'em what you heard
You're gonna make a better day
All Around The World, you've gotta spread the word
Tell 'em what you heard
You know it's gonna be okay

So what you gonna do when the walls come falling down?
You never move you never make a sound
So where you gonna swim with the ridges that you found?
If you're lost at sea then I hope that you've drowned

Oasis - It's Gettin' Better (Man!)

Say Something shout it from the roof tops off your head
Make it sort of mean something make me understand or I'll forget
The people here on life's beaches they wish upon the waves that hide the sand
Let them know that life teaches you to build a castle in the sand

Maybe the songs that we sing are wrong
Maybe the dreams that we dream are gone
So bring it on home and it wont be long
It's getting better man!

Hey! What was that you said to me?
Just say the word and I'd be free?
And where the stars are shining bright
It's getting better man!
And crashing in upon a wave
It's calling out beyond the grave
And We're the fire in the sky
We're getting better man!

Build something build a better place and call it home
Even if it means nothing you'll never-ever feel that you're alone

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