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Rednex - Wish You Were Here

Wish you were here
Me oh my countryman
Wish you where here

Wish you were here
Don't you know the stove is
Getting colder
And i miss you like hell
And i'm feeling blue

I've got feelings for you babe
Do you still feel the same
From the first time i laid my
Eyes on you
I felt joy of living
I saw heaven in your eyes in
Your eyes

I miss your laugh i miss
Your smile
I miss everything about you
Every second's like a minute
Every minute's like a day
When you're far away

Wish you were here
The stove is getting colder baby
Wish you were here
A battlefield of love and fear

Rednex - Wild and Free

We're heading for the west
Not heading for the east
We gonna live our dream
Cause we're wild and free
Heading for the west
Heading for the west
Wild and free

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